The Struggle for Democracy


With the Election in Canada around the corner, I feel it is time to remind every one of a few basic points about the Canadian political Landscape:

  1. Canada is NOT a democracy, no matter how much the politicians, the parties, the bureaucracy and the fifth estate mindlessly state it is.  Canada is an Oligarchy.  Oligarchy is a form of government ruled by the few who are not interested in needs of the many, but in the needs of those few.
  2. The media / fifth estate continues to ask the wrong questions.  they nurse maid the oligarchic structure of both government and the bureaucracy, the parties and their players, not doing what they should be doing – asking worthwhile questions that actually focus on what the people want.
  3. Most people don’t care about the government any more.  Everywhere I hear the lack of trust in the system, lack of trust around parties, politicians and the media, the legal system, taxes, and so on.
If I were to tell you that I could give you Eden after 48 hours, and clean up this entire mess, would you take it?  Keep in mind, there is a cost:
  1. Everyone would need to do as I say within those 48 hours.
  2. After that, the country would be yours – yet you would have to earn it every day of your lives.
  3. This current system does not work as efficiently and democratically as it could.  As it isn’t broken, it cannot be fixed.  It needs be dissolved and a new system put into place.
I promise, though, every day you would go to bed a lot more fulfilled, a lot more interested in your country and your world.  Would you still take it?
Most people are misinformed and are ignorant of what our system really is.  Ignorance is not a bad thing.  All it means is ‘lacking knowledge’.  That, in and of itself, presents a gift for everyone to be more informed, more educated and open to new and greater experiences.  I admit I am ignorant.  That alone gives me the self-empowerment to listen and be open to what others have to say. It also grants me the self-wisdom to state my views of the world around me, and to share them.
With that pretext, we need to define our terminology with the world around us; and how the media and the entire structure of politics keeps using incorrect terminology to define itself.  If the media and politicians keep getting their words wrong, no wonder the people, who should be in the heart of power are a thousand miles away from it.  So, without further ado – definitions:
  • Democracy:  (ancient Greek; DEMOS + KRATIA.  DEMOS = city/all people of a city.  KRATIA = to rule. )  Literally – the rule of the people.  This means all people.  (Admittedly, even in ancient Greece true Democracy was an ideal, and not practiced.)
  • Oligarchy: a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique; government by the few. (This is the Canadian Constitution as it has stood for over a century.)
  • Government: the governing body of the state (on any level).  In Canada, the Federal Parliament and the Provincial Legislatures are the governing bodies.  Therefore, all elected officials are part of the government.  The Media and the Politicians believe the Majority Party (the party with the most influence) is the government.  This is not true.  They are are only a part.  the Media and the politicians express their words of how the government has decided or leads Canada a certain way.  This is not true.  The leading party guides the path (and fails to represent the majority of Canadian citizens).
  • Ruling Party:  The Party that has the most seats and asked by the Governor General to lead government.  (Where media is concerned, as with all political speeches, when referring to ‘government decisions’, the term ‘leading/governing party’ needs to be substituted.  This is much more honest and correct, and therefore not misleading the public by lazy writing or promotion)
  • Bureaucracy:  (Private or Public) a system of administration based into bureaus, division of labour and hierarchy of authority, etc.  Designed to dispose of a large body of work in a routine manner.  The bureaucracy of a public or private enterprise is also the body of people who are not elected, but do the majority of work.  The larger it is, the more entangled it becomes.

The challenge with the media and those within government and bureaucracy is that even they misuse each term, causing more and more confusion.  This needs to be cleared up and writers (including myself) need to strive for clarity when we write on such topics.

As I continue with the political monologues, further definitions will be added.


About jsmeraka

A writer and all-round contrarian, I've worked in and out of government and the private sector, shared radical thoughts on political and global change and aimed to live on the fringe of political and creative thought. That doesn't mean I do. I just hope so.
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