Loud Asian Girls (on a topic suggested by J. Bartusek)

Location:  Murchies Tea Room, Victoria

Topic; edits for my current book.  J is a University about-to-graduate and needs experience in the real world.  So do I.  I offered her the first 3 chapters of my novel Ten Lost Days to edit as I want – and need – a professional eye on the story, someone who will tell me what’s crap, what’s good and what’s weak.  I need that;  want it, too, for the purpose of self-improvement as a writer.  J. is willing and intrigued about editing a manuscript.  Her background is non-fiction.  A body of creative work like mine will make her decide if editing and/or fiction is an interest.  For the record, my tome is 150,000 words.  That’s the reason I need her editorial skills.  I cut it by 35,000 words already.  An outside eye will be able to point out what further can be dealt with.

With Ten Lost Days aside, with my Query letters being sent out once a week, I’ve begun to focus on research and outlining my next book.  It will be the first in a pentalogy set across the Victorian and Edwardian eras of England, Great Britain, Ireland and Europe, set in a world where magic was real, science in her infancy, and the great powers on the path to World War I.

Enough Of the Advertising!  Let me get to the point of this blog entry.

As J and I meandered through some amazing topics of discussion, a table across the room erupted into rather loud tittering.  A group of young Asian girls huddled around a smart phone.  Ah, teenagers.  I don’t mind youth, I mind the loudness of youth.  (Gods, I never thought I’d be writing or saying those words).  It’s true.  teenagers and young adults are LOUD.  Me, I NEVER SHOUT.  NEVER.  I NEVER RAISE MY VOICE EITHER.  NOT ONE BIT.

Truthfully, I felt annoyed.  More to the point, I was surprised at myself for feeling that.  Sound and background wa-wa are normal for any eatery.  Perhaps it was the conversation I was in.  Rather in-depth, full of wisdom on both sides; meaty topics in an English tea house.  Perhaps it was that plus the environment.  In any case, I expected to have everyone behave as a respectable Victorian.  Foolish me.

I learned.  This blog is really a reminder to me on self-flexiblility.  A reminder to the self to remain open and accepting of other people’s behaviour…As long as their behaviour commits no harm.   The golden rule applies.  I only wish politicians and bureaucrats and richer fat-cats than I (and poorer bums, too) would follow it.  The world would be so much better off.

Cheers – and good evening.


About jsmeraka

A writer and all-round contrarian, I've worked in and out of government and the private sector, shared radical thoughts on political and global change and aimed to live on the fringe of political and creative thought. That doesn't mean I do. I just hope so.
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