The Creation of Democracy – Part IV


This entry will shatter and hopefully offend a few people.  My aim here is to push buttons, pull strings, and unravel the stupidity of those who are running the economy.  Hell, I could do better.  Everyone would get a good, solid spanking, bankers would serve severe prison time, CEOs and larger corporation Shareholders, Boards of Directors and the Chairs would be tarred and feathered for their stupidity.  Then everyone would be met with a fellow named Riff… and I’ll leave that image there for you to enjoy.

Granted, this blog entry ties into my other Creation of Democracy blogs; of what I will do when I gain power; of what changes should be done for a civilization to go forward in a healthy, wealthy, collective way into a brighter future.

Let us admit one truth; and perhaps even a fact:  Big Business and the entire corporate design is a failure to the person and to the state.  I’m not saying getting rich is wrong.  I’m not saying being wise, a risk-taker, a champion of a business cause, or being organized, being a go-getter, having intelligence, a dream, a goal and determination to see it through are wrong.  In fact, all these are absolutely commendable strengths.  I believe we all have them to different degrees and in different proportions.  I believe they are of key importance to us as a species, to our civilizations, to our history; they help define us as human beings.

BUT Changes are needed.  The business people in the larger corporations desire one thing; the making of money.  That focus isn’t enough,has caused untold suffering as ‘wealth’ has been hoarded.   We need reparations; a refocus on new outcomes need reshaping.  I laud businessmen for their commitment.  Yet they need be cautioned for their greed.  Often the two go hand in hand; drive and greed.  Yet a balance can be achieved.

I’m not attacking merely business people, I’m attacking the model of business in the 21st century; born in the 19th during the Industrial Revolution.  Victorian attitudes have permeated the business world ever since.  We need to drop the 19th century outlook of two-faced hypocrisy and allow our morals to catch up with our industrial-technological Age of Wonder.  Without further ado…


Abolish Business as an Individual.  No business will be allowed to be treated as an individual.  If you want to run/own a company, you are responsible for that company.  So are the captains of industry who run it.  The owner, the Chair, the Board of Directors and their personal fortunes are 100% responsible to their employees, the environment, their shareholders, their clients.

None of this crap the banks or big business do these days.  “Oh, the business is at fault, not the people in positions of power (which really should be positions of responsibility)  who say ‘it wasn’t my fault.  It was a bad business decision of the company and therefore insurance will deal with it.”  Bankers and investors who created bad-debt and eliminated their risk of loan should be shot.  Al they were thinking of was their personal interest.  None show remorse.

Corporate board members in oil companies in or toy-making factories or any other that make use of resources; what you take out you put back.  you balance the debt; economically and environmentally.   The wonderful oil/tar-sands in Alberta, Canada’s north are a good example.  I laud the companies for developing technology that can produce a workable product – but at what cost?  How much fresh water is used that can be used for direct consumption of living organisms?  What you take you, you put something else back.  This is called a Sustainable Environment.  I don’t think big business officials have ever heard the term.  If they have they do not understand the meaning.  I dare you to prove me wrong.  I’d gratefully accept my error.  As for the people at the heads of these corporations, if you will not (it is not can not, no matter what the point of argument), you face imprisonment or even charges of crimes against the human race and the planet.  Punishment should be severe. perhaps someone out there  has a suggestion as to punishment; perhaps drinking the sludge left; or drinking the toxic water in rivers from run-off.

Devaluate and De-Power Businesses:  With the stripping of legal security, companies themselves should not be allowed to own other companies.  This obfuscates the issue of ownership.  Worse, it dilutes responsibility.  Those in positions of ‘power’ (if it can truthfully and honestly be called that) dilute their risk, getting rich while not taking accountability for their direct actions and decisions.  Nope.   This ends immediately.  Multi-nationals must be broken up.  Basic rule:  IF they’re too big to fall without causes harm to others, they’re too big.  Make them fall in a controlled way.  It’s easy.  Just put effort and focus into it.  If you want to own more than one business, you take responsibility for both those businesses on a personal level.  What’ the rule today?  “show me the money”, well, I put that responsibility back on the table.  You show the money, the wisdom that you can be responsible for both, then by all means.  No business can own another business.  It’s proven not to work.

Land and Ownership Reorganization:  Businesses will not be allowed to own land.  Business owners have to rent the land from farmers and land owners.   Businesses and people are not allowed to own foreign land.  If you are a non-national wanting to buy in a foreign country until you had best be ready to live their for nine months or more a year.   If you and a friend want to swap houses instead, go for it.  There is no need for owning more home-land.  Real estate should not and must not be treated as a commodity of wealth.  It should be treated as a commodity for community growth.  land will be here long after we die.  Land will go on. Why not treat it with respect than fighting over it?  Until everyone is housed, until farming becomes a community oriented drive; until each and every community realizes they have to clean up their area; become self-sustainable in their own right, land should be only valuable for what it has the capacity to grow.  If we need to clean up unhealthy land caused by multi-nationals, then guess who pays?  The owners, chair and investors of that.  It’s called responsibility.  Land, therefore, must go back to the people on the ground.  Individuals, communities, farmers, locals.  People who are there and are able to make immediate decisions.  If you own land 200,000 miles away, where’s the common sense in you being able to make a good decision without being there? There is something to be said for tactile and local awareness.

Abolish the Unions:  None of you expected this to appear here.  Deal with it.  Unions are another form of big or mid-sized business.  Once again, I’m all for organization.  I’m not for bureaucracy or bullshit.  I’m all for fairness, equality and respect. Liberté, égalité, fraternité.  Why not?  I’m all for community ideals and goals that lift up the human species.  I’m not for taking business owners to the cleaners and creating an “us versus them’ mentality.  I’m not for politics – big P or small p.  This way of thinking has permeated the Industrial Age (Industrial Revolution until 21st century) and has to stop.  We’ve gone so far in our egos we’ve left morality, kindness; basic respect behind.  There is no need for that.  As for the unions; If you really want to support your workers, teach them, guide them, voice their concerns.  Business Owners, too – listen and learn to work together.  A further distribution of wealth won’t hurt anyone in the long run.  Money is made to flow.  Let it flow.

Shared Responsibility:  As JFK’s speechwriters put it ‘we all breathe the same air.  We all drink the same water.  We all live on the same planet’.  JFK had another speech, too.  His commencement address to the American University, Washington DC (June 10, 1963). (  It was full of sage advice, and realistic to. It boiled down to responsibility – to one’s self, one’s community, one’s country, one’s world.  Read it, then think and feel on it.

The same intention as behind that speech is the aim of these blog entries. Not only to scold, to give us a slap on the back of the head; a wake-up call.  Be reasonable.  Be sensible.  Be kind.  Be willing to listen.  Be willing to take risks and make mistakes.  Be willing to admit you’re wrong.  I remind myself of these guidelines every day.  I’d rather be wrong, and gain experience (and hopefully wisdom), than to be right all the time.

Until next week,

Be Good to Each Other


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A writer and all-round contrarian, I've worked in and out of government and the private sector, shared radical thoughts on political and global change and aimed to live on the fringe of political and creative thought. That doesn't mean I do. I just hope so.
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