Revolutions – Soft and Hard


Arab Spring, Walk on Wall Street, et. al. Let us not forget the civil disobedience movement in India throughout the early to mid 20th century. Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi led that large movement.

These are all examples of dissatisfied people. The silent majority of people who have finally begun to voice their disapproval of the corruption of big business, the wealthy, the so-called political leaders. Arab Spring and Walk on Wall Street are a repeat of the last century’s protests for independence. Granted, these protests and protestors are not crying for national independence (as Gandhi had protested), but for independence and freedom from tyranny, greed and control-oriented people in power whose interest is self-interest.

These protests are soft revolutions. They are an act of civil disobedience. They are a protest against the system and, more import, the people who govern the system. These protestors should be listened to. Their grievances voiced, listened to and weighed. If necessary, acted upon (and not violently against the protestors).  These concerns need to be addressed and valued.

I know what you think. ‘These people are street protestors’, ‘The hoi polloi are acting up, making a scene. This isn’t my problem.’ I hate to tell you, but you’re correct – and you’re incorrect. This is not your problem, but this is your issue. It is everyone’s issue. Apathy is not an option any longer. Look out your window. Look at the corruption of government and multi-nationals. Look at their record of true achievements. Look at their spin-doctoring. Look at your self. You complain over the late-night news or bitch across the breakfast table to whomever will listen. While you sit in your house with your two vehicles, your out-of-control and astronomical debts to banks, you are telling the bankers and politicians that they are right in their choices. You do this by not voicing your concerns and acting upon them. This is apathy.

It is fine to gripe and complain – and offer alternatives! Complain to the politicians and the media, get your alternatives in print. Make the politicians listen!

‘Gasp! I can’t do that! That means I’ll have to think, I’ll have to act, I’ll have to be responsible. I’ll have to work. I’ll have to become a shit-disturber’.

How much you wish to speak out is up to you. Recall though, that silence has brought us to this current state of affairs. Protestors have continued to voice the concerns. Yes, fringe groups exist. There always will be such groups. However, the silent majority of people who wish to live in peace and quiet, own their home and vehicles, raise their children – and all with little interference… I hate to tell you, but you have to earn it. Apathy will only allow the corruption to continue indefinitely.

As for the protestors – they are in the midst of the 21st Century’s first soft revolution. Soft Revolutions are only half of the revolutionary process. I suspect that, with the civil disobedience, these soft revolutions are the kinder approach. As big business, as board members and share holders, politicians and bureaucrats continue to ignore the soft revolutions, as they allow the police to protect them from the people they are, in their silent apathy, giving the masses the right to create the hard revolution.

What is the Hard Revolution? Violence, protest, physical action. Civil War and terrorism, sometimes known as freedom fighting. People lashing out against the incompetent system and ego-driven persons who are supposedly in positions of power.

Hard and soft revolutions have been continuous throughout history. They are part of the pattern of growth. Gandhi used soft revolutionary tactics. The IRA, after years of soft, altered tactics to serve their hard revolution. The original colonists in the United States, tired of being oppressed by those in power, turned to the use of hard revolutionary tactics. They became traitors to their country (Great Britain). They became terrorists. They spoke out and brought about a civil war. The colonies won. Only in hindsight did the USA label their founders as freedom fighters. If the colonies had lost, the ‘founders’ would have been hanged as terrorists.

(Now that is something for the people of the US to consider during their run up to President Election. The Republicans have always been fond of using the Founding Fathers of the USA as their heroes. Politicians across the US have done so. If we think this trough logically, that means candidates claim they value the beliefs of the founders – terrorists… yet the current-day candidates are a part of a corrupt system the founders would have labeled as oppressive. Today’s governments are the exact level of greed and corruption the colonies fought against! Yet here are the candidates spouting praise for the founding fathers who fought against oppression – when the candidates really support oppression and status quo. This is a great example of the double talk all politicians and bureaucrats use.)

In summary, soft revolutions are occurring now. They have occurred repeatedly in the past. Political leaders need to recognize the need for them and listen to the people they took an oath to serve, then act in the best interest of the majority, not the wealthy minority. Now is the time for the silent majority to voice their concerns and then force those in government and in business to bow to what is right, ethically and socially, environmentally and financially. That means taking responsibility for their share of the challenge. I have yet to witness a single banker, businessman, oilman or politician speak the truth. The next step, if healthy action is not taken, will be the hard revolutions and the system will change.

I say it’s about time. We could change – change our system, improve out democracy, clean up our environment – via soft revolutions. But the politicians would need to take serious effort to do so. However, having met many bureaucrats and politicians, I have serious doubts they will listen. The result will be the hard revolution. That is an inescapable outcome as we continue down this path without true leadership. In my way, I have more pity and sympathy toward all those who play the system as it is than I do contempt. They’re spoiled children who care nothing for others, nothing for what is best for the world. They think of their careers and self-interest. That leaves me to wonder where we as a species is going.

Until next week, remember, these are my opinions and point of view on the subject. That doesn’t make them right for anyone else. It doesn’t make them wrong, either. That stated, if any errors or omissions have occurred, please let me know. I’d be grateful for your point of view.

Warm regards,

Jason Smeraka


About jsmeraka

A writer and all-round contrarian, I've worked in and out of government and the private sector, shared radical thoughts on political and global change and aimed to live on the fringe of political and creative thought. That doesn't mean I do. I just hope so.
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