A Personal Biography

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At 40, I look at my life and all I’ve done and not done.  Life is a bit chilling as I see how little I’ve accomplished in the first half of my life.  By ‘accomplish’, I mean achievements I feel have affected and directed the course of my life, defining and shaping me into something I like.  As it stands at the moment, I expected to be rich, famous, and, well, rich.  I’m nowhere near those lands.  However, I remind myself, I chose not to discount what I have done – or I wouldn’t have been here writing this blog.  I remind myself daily that expectations are only that.  Expectations.

I’ve been a writer, actor, glorified secretary and bachelor.  I continue the first and am the last of these still.  I’ve run two radio theatre companies, worked in the private and public worlds.  I’ve experienced the Peter Principal first hand, especially in the public sector.  (sadly, the Peter Principal is astonishingly accurate).

The older I become, the less I wish human company in any group more than five.  My ideal of heaven is a small island in Greece (Crete or Rhodes), a villa with 5-10 acres of land 40 kilometres from a major city, beachfront property, white sand, warm aquamarine Aegean waters, quiet nights, gorgeous sunsets and a personal library to delve into.  Add to this, my wonderful Macbook, some blank Moleskine journals, one or two excellent nib fountain pens, and I can whittle away at further manuscripts and thoughts on life.

Now all I need is to make this last a reality, add a wonderful, healthy relationship with a beautiful woman and I’m set for life.  I’ll keep you updated.


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