Welcome to The Contrary Opinion’s home page.

you made it this far, and I welcome you.  I invite you to enter, click around, settle into a topic you would like to read. Feel free to comment.  this home page is static, so don’t be alarmed if ‘nothing changes’, but enjoy the power I’ve put at your fingertips.

How I’ve set things up:

In the header I’ve provided all my guests with menu selections for my Biography, Political Thought/Change, Creative Writing and Comments on Life’s Experiences, all topics I’ve chosen to explore within the confines of The Contrary Opinion.  Dive right in, explore, uncover my thoughts on the matter at hand.  To the right, you can click on either the Archives or Recent Blogs.

Enjoy your stay here at the Contrary Opinion.  Feel free to send me an email and sign the guest book, if you are so obliged to share your thoughts on my monologues.  I hope you enjoy.

Warm Regards,

Jason Kendell Smeraka


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